Canadian TESOL Certificate Program with Practicum (125 hrs)

Recognized by TESL Canada for Professional Standard One Certification 

The Canadian College of Educators’ Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Certificate program with Practicum is for those seeking a distance education TESL Canada Professional Standard One Certification program. It includes 100 hours online TESOL training and a 25-hour practicum comprised of 15 hours of class Observation and 10 hours of supervised Practice Teaching. 

This Program is Recognized by TESL Canada for Professional Standard One Certification and by TESL Ontario as an accredited CTESOL (Canadian TESOL) training program. For TESL Canada Professional Standard Two Certification and/or TESL Ontario OCELT Certification please see our 300+ hour in class TESL Diploma Program

TESOL Certificate with Practicum Program Overview:

  • 100 hours – TESOL Methodology (online)
  • 25 hours – Practicum (online during COVID-19)

Online Component:

The 100 credit-hours of distance education provides a solid foundation for Teaching English to speakers of other languages in Canada. It also includes a comprehensive introductory module in Teaching English Overseas with country profiles worldwide for those who may want to teach and travel. 

TESOL Methodology topics include: The communicative approach, being a good teacher and learner, children versus adult learners, student levels, lesson planning, describing language, teaching grammar, teaching reading, teaching writing, teaching speaking, teaching listening, teaching pronunciation, ESL games and activities, classroom management, text books and materials development, assessment and testing, teaching English for special purposes.

Practicum Component:

The 25-hour practicum is comprised of 15 hours of class observation and 10 hours of supervised practice teaching. Practicum students of this program are provided with an online Greater Toronto Area (GTA) language school practicum placement by the College or may opt to arrange their own practicum placement closer to home (if residing outside of the GTA) with the approval of the Practicum Supervisor.

Length of the Program:

The program can be completed in just 4 to 6 weeks or up to one year. You decide the pace. You will have six months from the time you register to complete the online component and up to one year to complete the program in full. The online component should be successfully completed prior to beginning any Practicum.

Class Schedule:

The online modules are completely self-directed, go at your own pace, and can be studied from anywhere with an Internet connection. Practicum sessions are scheduled on an individual basis with the Practicum Mentor Teachers. Local practicum placement is typically completed within 5 sessions/days of 5 hours each or at a pace as requested by the student.

Program Admission Requirements:

A minimum 3-year Canadian university degree, or equivalent, and acceptable proof of English language proficiency. *The accepted English language proficiency requirements for program admission are the same as TESL Canada.


Once your application has been approved (download or request application form below) you will be issued a notice of admission by email, registered in the program, and be provided with an ID and a password, which is unique only to you. You will then be able to log into the program. At that time you will also be assigned a TESOL instructor who will contact you to help you get started.

Tuition Fee:

TESOL Certificate with Practicum (125 hours) – $1000 CND 

What sets our program apart from other TESL Canada Professional Standard One Certification programs?

  • The program is recognized by both TESL Canada and TESL Ontario
  • College Certificate – a recognized post-secondary credential that can only be issued by a government registered College
  • Any time start dates; no wait periods
  • Self-directed; go at your own pace
  • Convenience of being able to complete the program conveniently online from any Internet connection
  • Tuition fees are post-secondary and therefore tax exempt (no HST) and can be used as a tuition fee tax credit (T220A)
  • Graduates of this TESOL Certificate program can easily transfer and upgrade to our TESL Canada Professional Standard Two/TESL Ontario Certification program (TESL Diploma) offered every four months in class at the College
  • College Faculty of education experts with advanced degrees in Education, Linguistics, and TESL and 20+ years of teacher-training experience
  • Canadian College of Educators has built a solid reputation in Canada and worldwide over two decades as a teachers’ College that specializes in TESOL/TESL certification and accreditation.

Download application form here or contact us at [email protected] to receive an application by email.