Portfolio Based Language Assessment (PBLA) Training Certificate

This 25-hour online course provides a solid foundation in Portfolio Based Language Assessment (PBLA). The course is designed for English language teachers looking for PBLA training in order to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of PBLA. The course is fully conducted online, has any time starts dates, and allows participants to go at their own pace.

Topics include: principles of PBLA, how to use the portfolio, instructor and student responsibilities, steps in reviewing each skill area, assigning benchmark levels, learner centered approach, task-based teaching, skill building and skill using activities, language focus, using the competency statements and tables, the Language Companion content and usage, collecting student artefacts, evidence of learning, module planning, needs assessment, evaluation, goals of assessment, ongoing process, baseline information, giving effective feedback, self-reflection, templates, checklists, and glossary.

Upon completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • understand the key features and benefits to students, teachers, and administrators
  • demonstrate knowledge and understanding of PBLA for implementation
  • align Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) with PBLA
  • integrate PBLA into instruction
  • select appropriate skill building and skill using activities for portfolio
  • collect student artefacts and provide evidence of learning effectively
  • conduct needs assessment and module planning
  • provide evidence of foundational PBLA training (certificate)

How the course works:

Register here using the secure on-line registration form below. Once your registration has been confirmed by the College you will be sent a user name and password by email from your online instructor to begin the course. The user name and password is valid for six months from registration. You may work at your own pace from any computer with an Internet connection.

Upon completion of a course, the certificate and a transcript will be emailed. A hard copy of the certificate mailed to you can be purchased for $25.

Tuition Fees: $300

How to Purchase and Register:┬áSimple, safe, secure, using the “Add to Cart” button below. Please allow up to 48 hours for your course registration to be processed and for you to receive your user name and password by email.