Certificate in Adult Education

Recognized by The Institute for Performance and Learning ~ Canadian Society for Training and Development


About Adult Education:

Adult Education is an immense field that can be divided into dozens of sub-fields. The term “Adult Educator” refers to the individual involved in the teaching, training, skills development and program development of any adult educational environment. Said environment may take place on a university or college campus, in continuing education programs, an adult learning centre, a corporate site, a company board room, or even in someone’s home.

As a registered career college in Ontario, this Certificate is a Post-Secondary academic credential. Having a teachers’ college Certificate in Adult Education is a definite asset and may even be a requirement for teaching adults.

About the Program:

The Certificate in Adult Education program is comprised of four compulsory full credits (40 hours each) and two elective half credits (20 hours each) for total of 5 credits (200 hours online learning in total).

How the Program Works:

All courses are fully conducted online. Upon registration you will be sent a unique user name and password within 48 hours to your email by your appointed online instructor who will be there to support you from beginning to end. The complete program is to be completed within 1 year to receive the Adult Education Certificate. All course modules allow participants to go at their own pace and are accessible 24/7 from any Internet connection worldwide, including mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

All full credit courses have 8 units and 4 online multiple choice tests. All half credit courses have 6 units and 2 online multiple choice tests. All courses also require a journal, which will in the future become an invaluable resource to the Adult Educator. Students will be prompted when to make journal entries throughout the program and encouraged to add as many additional journal entries as they wish.

Upon completion of the program (all six courses), the certificate and a transcript will be emailed. A hard copy of the certificate mailed to you can be purchased for $25.

Tuition Fee: $1000 CND

*This is the total tuition fee for the program and includes the 4 compulsory courses (AE 101, 102, 103, 104) and your choice of 2 electives (AE 105-113). All course materials are also included and provided online with each course. Tuition fees may be paid in full or course by course.

Course Descriptions:

Compulsory courses:

AE 101 Foundations of Adult Education

This course introduces the subject of Adult Education. It describes theories and practices in adult education including adult education in Canada, academic writing, learning styles, philosophy of adult education and the differences between adults and children as learners. It is designed for those who plan, administer, and deliver training and education to adults.  No prerequisite is required for this course.

AE 102 Designing Instruction for Adult Education

This course introduces various instructional theories, practices and strategies of Adult Education. It further focuses on the decision making instructional strategies and includes a step-by-step design of an instructional unit using various instructional methodologies. It includes sessions on purposes of education and training, learning outcomes and objectives, selecting and sequencing material and instructional strategies. Prerequisite AE101.

AE 103 Assessment and Evaluation

This course introduces assessment and evaluation strategies based on the theories and practices of adult teaching and learning. It includes units on purposes, tools, administering and developing assessment, and evaluation of adult students. It further provides teachers with a possibility to self-reflect on their own teaching. Prerequisites: AE101 & AE102.

AE 104 Facilitating Adult Learning

This course brings the theories to practice; it describes community and institutional based education and their relationship to Adult Education. The participants will further learn about presentation and decision-making skills while facilitating groups and teams. Prerequisites: AE101, AE102, AE103.

Elective Courses:

AE 105 Teaching and Developing an Online Course

This course is designed for those who would like to learn how to create and maintain a successful online course. This asynchronous course includes features of an effective online course design. It includes chapters on hurdles in online teaching/learning, CMS, forms of assessment, uploading files uploads, graphic organization and basic terminology used in an online design. This course can be taken as a stand alone Certificate Course. It is not a Certificate Course if taken as an Elective Course of the Certificate in Adult Education

AE 106 College and University Teaching in Canada

This course is designed for those who are considering teaching or working in a College or University setting. It includes a comprehensive overview of all of Canada’s Universities and Colleges, explores National Occupation Codes relevant to the field, job descriptions and opportunities in post-secondary education and takes a closer look at Canada’s Universities, Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology and Private Career Colleges.

AE 107 Teaching English as Another Language

This course is designed for those who may work in a multi-cultural learning environment with ESL learners or who are considering teaching English as a Second Language as an additional qualification. It includes lessons on Becoming an ESL teacher, Multiple Intelligences in ESL Classroom, Teaching the Four Language Skills, ESL Teaching Approaches and Teaching Resources.

AE 108 Practicum in Adult Education

This is a highly practical course. Participants will be required to listen, view, evaluate  and assess learner’s skills, learning and knowledge based on the Adult Education Principles discussed in the compulsory courses. Participants will be also required to teach 10 hours.

AE 109 Job Search Skills for Success

This course is designed for those who would like to expand on their job search skills. It helps adult educators to assess their skills and plan for the necessary steps that will enable them to obtain their dream job. It includes sessions on various topics related to the Interview, Resume Writing, and building the Professional Career Portfolio.

AE 110 Teaching in Career Colleges and Vocational Institutes

This course is designed for instructors in Canadian Career Colleges and Vocational Institutes seeking professional development, training, and an additional qualification specifically in the vocational post-secondary education sector. It is also suitable for field experts in any field who are or may plan, administer, and deliver instruction to adults in a vocational training adult learning environment in Canada.

AE 111 – Training and Development

This course is designed to for those who may be interested or involved in teaching employees basic skills to perform their jobs or professionally developing additional skills for staff. It includes the step by step process in designing an effective organizational training and development plan that includes orienting employees, analyzing training needs, instructional design, the training process, implementing training and development, and evaluating the training effort.

AE 112 Exam Invigilation

The examination invigilator is the person in the examination room with responsibility for conducting a particular examination session in the presence of candidates. Invigilators have a key role in upholding the integrity of the examination process. In this course participants will explore the invigilator roles and institutional responsibilities, invigilating strategies and techniques, types of exams and external examination services.

AE 113 Building Client Partnerships

In this course, participants will learn about awareness of client organization and how to support clients in making effective choices. They will explore developing agreements with clients, how to manage changes throughout a project and how to interact effectively to build client partnerships.

Employment Opportunities:

Adult Educators are employed as:

University professor, lecturer, university instructor,  associate professor, assistant professor, teaching assistant, college professor, college instructor,  college trainer, vocational institute instructor,  language school instructor, adult high school teacher, skills development trainer,  program officer, company trainer, training officer, corporate trainer, department head,  department chairperson, academic coordinator, program director, director of studies, faculty advisor, dean, program developer, curriculum developer,  facilitator, teacher, tutor, and more!

Professional designations for Adult Educators:

The Institute for Performance and Learning is Canada’s only national association for workplace learning professionals. The Institute sets the standards for training and development in Canada and is where Canadian workplace performance and learning professionals connect. The Institute recognizes that this Certificate in Adult Education from the Canadian College of Educators addresses the categories outlined in The Institute’s Competencies for Training and Development Professionals.

The Institute offers the following professional designation paths to graduates of this program:

· Certified Training Practitioner (CTP)

· Certified Training and Development Professional (CTDP)

Advanced Standing:

Once you start this program, you are eligible for student membership with The Institute for Performance and Learning. As soon as you have completed the program, you will be eligible for a credit of one year toward the work experience requirement of the Certified Training and Development Professional (CTDP) designation. For more information about membership, visit the The Institute website.

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Graduate Testimonial:

“I took the Canadian College of Educator’s Certificate in Adult Education program and it enabled me to complete my Ontario Fire Training Officer’s Diploma. As a fire service instructor utilizing classroom, blended learning and skills training, I have a very busy schedule.  I could not take time off work to go back to school to do this.  CCE’s online courses enabled me to work on nights, weekends and at the fire hall at my own pace without sacrificing the quality of that education.  My instructor Jana was available whenever I needed help or direction. When I submitted my work to the Ontario Fire College, Carmen at CCE was able to provide the program’s credentials so that it was honored as part of my requisite adult education component for my training officers diploma that I worked for 4 years to get.  I can’t thank CCE enough for their courses and the out-of-scope request that I had that was very quickly and professionally handled.  I now have a thriving fire service training company and all of my front line training staff go through CCE’s adult education program as part of their corporate training requirements.” 

Jay Patterson, Fire Captain

Fire Department Training Services

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