Post Graduate Diploma in Adult Education

Post Graduate Diploma in Adult Education

Upgrade your Certificate, Diploma, Degree in Adult Education and credentials to the post graduate level with this online Post Graduate Diploma in Adult Education. This program is designed for teachers/trainers of adults seeking higher education and professional development in Adult Education. 

The 200 credit-hour program consists of 80 hours online comprehensive study in Instructional Design and 80 hours in Adult Education elective online courses (not previously studied in your certificate program), plus a final Research Paper on a current adult education topic of special interest. 

Program Overview:

Instructional Design Comprehensive Study (80 hours)

In this program module participants will learn to analyze, design, implement and evaluate curriculum. Topics include: elements and phases of instructional design, design and development, needs analysis and assessment, methods of instruction, curriculum development vs. instructional design, implementation, planning delivery, formative and summative evaluation. Upon completion of this module participants will be able to professionally design instructional curriculum for any adult learning environment.

Elective Courses in Adult Education (80 hours)

In this program module participants must select 4 (four) 20-hour course electives, not previously studied in their Adult Education certificate program, from any of the following online course options:

  • Teaching and Designing an Online Course
  • Teaching in Colleges and Universities in Canada
  • Teaching in Career Colleges and Vocational Institutes
  • Training and Development
  • Teaching English as an Additional Language
  • Job Skills for Success
  • Practicum in Adult Education
  • Exam Invigilation
  • Building Client Partnerships

For course description of electives please visit our Certificate in Adult Education (CAE) program:

Research Paper (40 hours)

In this final program module a guided research paper that requires at least 40 hours of demonstrated relevant research and critical thinking on a current adult education topic of interest is to be submitted within 90 days in order to complete the program.

How the program works: 

All online courses have any time start dates, are fully supported by an online instructor, and allow participants to go at their own pace. Course evaluation consists of required online quizzes and optional reflective journal entries as well as a step-by-step instructional design project. The research paper is guided by subject matter expert faculty upon completion of all the online course modules. Participants have one year to complete the program or request an extension. Upon completion of the program the official transcript and diploma will be scanned and emailed to you within one week, and then the originals with the gold seal of the college are mailed to you. This program is accessible and deliverable worldwide. 

Admission requirements: proof of completion of a Certificate, Diploma, or Degree in Adult Education from a recognized college or university. 

Tuition fee: $1990 CND

How to register: Download the registration form here and submit it by email, mail, or in person

Don’t have a recognized credential in Adult Education for admission to this program? See our online Certificate in Adult Education program!