Certificate in Mindfulness-Based Adult Education

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About Mindfulness-Based Adult Education

Mindfulness has been incorporated into the K-12 curriculum with a lot of success providing students and teachers with tools that will serve them beyond the classroom and for the years to come. The use of the techniques and strategies is not limited to children and can be easily and with great success adapted for an adult student. 

Numerous studies have found that practicing mindfulness causes changes in the brain regions concerned with memory consolidation, meta-awareness, and emotion regulation. 

With Mindfulness students can: 

  • improve their time management
  • reduce physical and mental stress
  • improve memory and brain health
  • pay attention to the eating habits
  • sleep better

Mindfulness Based Adult Education focuses on the implementation of mindfulness for students in colleges, universities, and continuing education. It introduces strategies and practical tools educators can use to enhance teaching, learning and awareness of their adult learners. Through mindfulness practices students and educators may:

  • improve their creativity
  • increase productivity
  • improve decision making
  • improve memory and focus

Length of the Online Program

You will have six months from the time you register to complete the program. You can finish it in weeks, months, however you wish to pace yourself. It is entirely up to you! When you finish the program, you will be immediately issued a transcript of completion and your official Certificate in Mindfulness-Based Adult Education from the Canadian College of Educators by email. A hard copy of the certificate mailed to you can be purchased for $25.

Certificate in Mindfulness-Based Adult Education consists of 100 hours

Tuition Fees: $500


This course is divided into five modules:

  • Foundational Principles

This section of the course introduces the principles and the benefits of mindfulness. It discusses the pillars and the essence of mindfulness and how they relate to higher education. The topics taught will provide educators with the background knowledge and practical tools they can use in their classroom and their own life.  This section culminates with a short quiz. 

  • Instructing Mindfulness

Instructors, professors, and teachers take different roles in the classroom. This part of the course will discuss the roles of a mindful instructor as a mentor, advisor, leader and a compassionate listener. The topics will discuss meditation and its application in education and real life. This section culminates with a short quiz. 

  • Building Emotional Empowerment 

This section of the course will look at the positive and negative side of stress, neuroplasticity of brain and the breath as a calming anchor. It will provide educators with tools to help their students deal with challenging emotions such as anger and regret. This session will include a short quiz that will review the core principles presented in this section.

  • Mindfulness in Practice

This session of this course includes mindfulness related activities, themes, and topics instructors, teachers and professors can incorporate into their lessons regardless of the subject matter. It includes mindfulness in curriculum design, mindful learning and mindfulness in the digital world. This session will include a short quiz that will review the core principles presented in this section.

  • Resilient Educator

This part of the course serves as a help desk. It includes real- life situations any educator might face with practical tips on how to how to remain resilient, deal with challenges in the classroom and prevent burnout. This session will include a short quiz that will review the core principles presented in this section. 


Once you register (below) you will be provided with an ID and a password, which is unique only to you, by email once your registration has been confirmed. You will then be able to log into the program. At that time, you will also be assigned an instructor that you may contact should you have any questions while logging in or completing the program.

How to Purchase and Register: Simple, safe, secure, using the “Add to Cart” button below. Please allow up to 48 hours for your course registration to be processed and for you to receive your user name and password by email.