Certificate in Adult Second Language Acquisition

This course explores the theoretical foundations and practical implications of adult second
language acquisition (ASLA). Participants will study the principles and theories of second
language acquisition and adult education, as well as the linguistic, psychological, and socio-
cultural factors affecting adult language acquisition including the Critical Age Hypothesis, Input
Hypothesis and Social Interactionist Theory. The course introduces contemporary ASLA issues
on diverse communities, linguistic inclusion, and language preservation. Through readings,
discussions, and practical exercises, participants will develop the knowledge and skills necessary
to support adult language learners effectively.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the foundational theories in adult second language acquisition.
  • Analyze and critically evaluate the key theoretical frameworks that contribute to understanding
    of ASLA.
  • Explain the principles and theories of second language acquisition and adult education.
  • Apply these theoretical concepts to real-world scenarios and case studies involving adult
    language learners.
  • Explain the relevance of linguistic, psychological and sociocultural factors in ASLA theories.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of the historical development of ASLA theories and their evolution
    over time.
  • Recognize the strengths and limitations of various ASLA theories in different contexts.
  • Explore the intersection of ASLA theories with teaching methodologies and instructional
  • Reflect on the ethical considerations and cultural sensitivity related to ASLA theories in diverse
    educational settings.
  • Evaluate the role of technology in ASLA instruction.
  • Explain inclusive curriculum for diverse communities in ASLA settings.
  • Describe current trends and future directions in ASLA.

How the course works:
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course. You may work at your own pace from any computer with an Internet connection. The
course is divided into topics and sections. There are four tests in this course. If at first, you do not
succeed on any of the four tests you can try again until you pass and feel confident to go on to
the next section.
Upon completion of a course, the certificate and a transcript will be emailed. A hard copy of the
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This course is a great add-on to our TESOL Certificate or TESL Diploma programs!

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