Certificate & Diploma in Education Support – Session 1

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Session 1

Module 1: Introduction to Education Support

In this course, participants will study the roles and responsibilities of the Educational Assistant as a member of an educational team. This includes special education needs and students with disabilities. Participants will explore how provincial legislation and school board policies, procedures, and protocols.

Module 2: Technology in Education  

Technology plays an important role in today’s education system. In this course, participants will develop technical skills to effectively support students at all levels. They will examine technology literacy skills and the use of technology in education to access and maximize learning in all areas of their school curriculum.

Module 3: Essential Communications Skills 

In this course, participants will learn the foundational principals of communication between educational support, students, teaching staff and parents. Participants will explore how non-verbal communication affects students, the importance of effective communication in special ed classroom questions, and the foundations of active listening.

Module 4: Introduction to Child Psychology  

In this course, you will be introduced to child psychology, the areas of development, and the developmental milestones of children, teens, and adolescents. You will explore the foundational theories, the role of genes and nature vs. nurture. By understanding the types of learners, personalities and mental health issues, you will be introduced to tools to help students develop healthy self-esteem and independence.

Module 5: Safety in an Educational Setting 

In this course, participants will learn about safety in educational settings. They will learn what is understood by creating a safe classroom, the steps to effective emergency response and how to teach children about safety. Participants will be further introduced to classroom management techniques and safety considerations for children with disabilities.


Session 1

Introduction to Education Support
Technology in Education
Essential Communications Skills
Introduction to Child Psychology
Safety in an Educational Setting

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